Smart Practice Laser Postcards

Over 625 sheets of recall postcards that we got from Smart Practice (4-UP Laser with 4 on each sheet). The item numbers on Smart Practice are:

LC5385 (Winter Eye Time) – about 175 sheets of 4 each
LC5382 (Spring Eye Time) – about 150 sheets of 4 each
LC3995 (Seeing is Believing) – about 200 sheets of 4 each
122214UP (Vision is our Focus) – about 100 sheets of 4 each
We will ship for free in a USPS Priority large flat rate box. These would be over $180 if purchased from Smart Practice. You can check them out on their website. Still current; we're just not sending postcards any longer. Great deal with extra random sheets thrown in as a bonus!

Shipping Details: USPS Priority large flat rate box - approx $21.90 value for free!