Optometry Equipment

Heine Omega 500 Unplugged BIO with Omega Teaching Mirror, 3 adaptors, plano and +2.00 lenses, soft case with convertible straps - SOLD

Randot stereo test with glasses - SOLD

H.R.R. Color test with brush - SOLD

Trial lens set - SOLD

Nearpoint Rotochart card

Trial lens flippers

Keeler diagnostic set (worth 4 dot attachment with R/G/ glasses can be included or separate, along with numerical attachment)

+/- Ret bars with case

Horizontal Prism Bar

Accomodative rock card series

Alger brust

Foreign body kit

Blood pressure cuff with child and XL attachment (no stethoscope)

Free with any purchase:
2 near target rods w/ dog, letter A, just ask

Please text me at 3195216229 for pricing and additional details.

Shipping Details: pickup/buyer pays shipping