Misc. Equipment

Various equipment was used only while in school. Graduated in 2019, all items in great condition

-Welch Allyn Direct Ophthalmoscope: $215
-Welch Allyn Lithium Handle (charge in wall outlet): $180
-Welch Allyn 2 Well Desk Charger: $160
-Welch Allyn Lithium Handle Adapter: $80
-Welch Allyn Family Practice Kit: $170
-Stethoscope – 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope, Matte Chesterpiece, Black Tube, 27” : $75
-Near Card with cord: $20 (minor scuff marks)
-LEA Card with cord (includes separate LEA symbols): $20
-Brass Screwdriver with 2 blades: $10
-Pioneer 10X Magnifier: $50
-Red/Green Glasses: $5
-Polarized Bar Reader: $8
-Stereo Glasses: $5
-Newenco Vision Screener: $50 (few minor scuff marks)

Shipping Details: Buyer pays shipping or pickup in Northwest PA