Frame Displays

FOR SALE. Gently Used Frame Displays, Southern CA. Only $1500, OBO. Pickup would be the buyer's responsibility, presently located in Menifee, Southern California. They have been in storage for 3 yrs.

There are 5 large cabinets and 2 small units, one is a full length mirror end piece and the other is a narrow open cabinet that goes in between two larger ones. Some of the cabinets have glass doors that lock. One cabinet has glass shelves. There is shelf storage underneath and one has plastic drawers for additional frame storage. Overhead lighting (I think LED) & Plastic frame holders. The large cabinets are 50 (2) or 44 (3) inches wide, 90 inches tall and 16 inches deep. Minor scratches in occasional spots, but very few. The pictures I have below are how they are stored sideways--but at least gives an idea of the style.

Email me if interested:

Shipping Details: Local Pick Up Only