Complete Custom Optical Store Fixtures / Displays


Beautiful, custom store displays for sale. All enclosed cases lock. Eyeglass holders not included.
Original use for eyewear but can be used for any retail application.

Restriction on usage of fixtures requires any store installation of fixtures must be at least 50 miles from Columbus Ohio.

Units are as follows:

Display units #1 #2 # 3 (3 total)
Hanging wall cases ( 34.5”w x 14.5”d x 47”h) wall mount with interior lights plus storage cabinets (36”w x 15”d x 18”h)

Display units #4, #6, #8, #9 (4 total)
Enclosed, interior lit, display cases, cable hung from ceiling, (40.5w x 16.5”d x 47.5” h) with matching storage cabinets ( 40.5”w x 18”d x 26.5” h)

Open shelf units #5, 10(2 total)
Cabled Open glass shelf display (42”w x 18”d x 83”h)includes attached storage cabinet (40.5” x 18”d x 26.5h)

Open shelf unit # 7 (1 total)
Cabled open glass 5 shelf display *42” w x 18”d x 83”h)

Display unit #10(1 total)
Enclosed, interior lit display case, cable hung from ceiling (51.75”w x 16.5”d x 47.5”h) with storage cabinet (54”w x 18”d x 26.5”h)

Display unit 11 (2 total)

Cabled Open glass shelf display (larger) 5 shelves (52”w x 16.5”d x 83”h includes storage cabinet (54”w x 18”d x 26”h)

Dispensing table (#12) (61”w x 18”3 x 33 “h)
table with small inset display case (view 1)

Dispensing table (view 2)

Accessory display case # 13 (1 total) (96”w x 30”d x 54”h)
Front view (display area)
Back view storage area

Guest seating bench #14 (78”w x 43”d x 36”h (with sign 55” h)
2 sided bench with 2 storage drawers underneath on each side, plus magazine/literature storage on each end and brand signage area
View 1
View 2

3 sided Display case with storage drawers (#15)
2 sides 111” w x 27”d x 34”h
front 116”w x 26.5”d x 34””h
View 1
View 2
View 3

Guest chairs #16
7 total

File cabinet #17 (23”w x 18”d x 54.5”h)
7 drawers with dividers

Also available exam room optical equipment, all in excellent working condition.
Reichert chair and stand
Burton Phoropter
Reichert Keratometer
Reichert Slit Lamp

Shipping Details: Buyer is responsible for shipping/pickup