CynoSure Pelleve radiofrequency device and accessories

The unit was purchased new from CynoSure in 2017 and is very lightly used. I’ve listed what all comes with the Pelleve Unit. The cost of the unit and the surgical Accessory package is $10,800 (I paid $35,000). In addition, I have several of the Pelleve Wands and neutral pads available for a discounted price. I’ve listed those below with what they cost from the website. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

• 1 Box of DSEP40 assorted disposable electrodes (40/box)
• 1 Box of 133D Pin electrodes (25/box)
• 1 Box of D8D Ball electrodes (25/box)
• 1 Piece of IEC-X3FHPB reusable 3-button fingerswitch handpiece
• 1 Piece of IEC-HP1 reusable foot-controlled handpiece
• 1 Piece of IEC-NPC reusable neutral plate
• 1 Piece of H79 handpiece clip
• 1 Surg-e®-Vac™ Smoke Evacuation System with wand, hose and filters
*1 Temp Gun

Neutral Pads 3 boxes (25 per box) $250 list price per box ($700)
PelleFirm RF HP 30 mm (box of 3) $995 list price
Pelleve RF HP 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm box of 3 (3 boxes – 9 handpieces) $900 list price per box ($1800)
Pelleve RF HP 20 mm box of 3 (1 box – 3 handpieces) $900 list price
Pelleve RF HP 15 mm box of 2 (1 box- 2 handpieces) $900 list price

Equipment and Surgical Accessories $10,800
All other Consumables $3000 (plus I’ll throw in the handpieces we’ve already opened and partially used so you can get some practice without using the one’s you’ve paid for)

Shipping Details: free shipping within the continental USA