Eye Designs Displays

Eye Designs displays for sale:
(3) Viewpoint Cabinet Displays in Espresso colored Natural Birch wood (displays 312 frames)
(2) Viewpoint Mirror Displays with glasses shelves (displays 20 frames)

Viewpoint Element Decorative Side panels with mirror
(photos show the displays can be modular with or without side panels)
each cabinet is 90"H x 16"D x 44" W
each Mirror display is 90"H x 16"D x 15" W
entire display is ~212" wide with the accent side panels or 162" wide (without - as shown in a couple of the images)

complete 332 frame display set with side panels is $100
Also available separately:
(1) Viewpoint Pedestal Showcase (displays 10 frames) $100
(1) Viewpoint Rear Access Full View Showcase (displays 40 frames) $100

Shipping Details: Available for pickup or your freight arrangements