Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) Marco Equinox - new unit w mask

Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)
Marco Equinox - new unit, less than a year old
Comes with recently purchased LED Mask with about 500 treatments on it (the $5k longer-lasting mask).
Includes a 1-year warranty that still has a few months good on it. (I haven't ever had any issues)

Base Price is $31K with a mask of only 250 treatments. For non-Vision-Source, the Marco rep will mark it down to $27K. With my 500-treatment mask, the total value of my device and mask is about ($27K + $2.5K) = $29,500.

This technology works like magic on dry eyes and chalazion, no matter how young the patient or old the chalazion. See my article and video. I do multiple every day. Cost per patient is low, so you can make money just billing 92012. I love it and wrote an article on it (see link).
Selling because I'm getting a combo LLLT/IPL unit.



Shipping Details: UPS or FedEx