Charles Vandervort, OD Practice Closure

Pick up or arrange for shipping (at your cost) for any of the items and they are yours for free! If interested in any of the following:
Email Dr. Charles Vandervort at . Please note that this is different than the listing email.

  • Topcon electric instrument table for 2-3 instruments (arched)
  • Mentor Exetor BIO with spare bulb and more spare bulbs still available
  • Reichert AT550 NCT with Topcon AIT-108 electric table
  • 2 Marco Chart projectors with standard acuity slides
  • Tumbling E Slide and Distance Fixation Disparity Slide
  • B & L Keratometer w/ spare bulbs
  • One black Reliance Examination Stool with back
  • One black office exam stool without back
  • Volk 90 lens (yellow)
  • 1 Salt Pan for dispensing
  • Essilor Digital PD monocular/binocular measuring device
  • Lighted instrument to identify Progressive Addition Lenses
  • Inspectocon—for inspecting edges and blends on RGP and Scleral contact lenses
  • RGP/Scleral Lens center thickness gauge
  • RGP modification equipment including 2 multiradius spheres, 3 diamond tools, overall diameter reducing tool, suction cups to hold the CL, sponge tool for edge finishing, spinner for adjusting power, motor to run the tools described above
  • 6 Reception Area Office chairs in black leatherette w/ arms
  • 4 Reception Area Office chairs in fabric w/o arms
  • Alger Brush, Spud
  • Punctal Plug insertion tools
  • Harrington Flocks Pediatric Fields machine
  • Perkins Tonometer MK2
  • Contrast Sensitivity instrument with remote