Chair & Stand, Slit Lamp, Phoropter, Acuity Projector

Rodenstock Chair and Stand, immaculately maintained. Sealed dust-proof phoropter from Rodenstock, Slit lamp with attached 78/90D lens & electronic raising and lowering, Rodenstock topographer, and Nikon electronic acuity projector with remote and original Nikon wall panel.
Buying a used chair and stand alone are $4K, slit lamp $2K, Phoropter $2K, Projector $500. Easily over $8K value buying used anywhere else. Get half off the used price, everything functioning 100%. They're in my practice right now and I use them every day still. Just buying some new equipment. (I have TWO exam lanes with this duplicate equipment I'm selling. This price is for one complete set.)
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Slit lamp:
Chair and Stand:
Auto Projector:

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