Great Condition iSee ORTHO-K Fitting Set

Relatively brand-new iSee Ortho-Keratology fitting and diagnostic set available. The diagnostic set has lenses available that correct to -4.50 on spherical and up to -1.50 on cylinder correction. For custom treatments, the iSee lenses are available up to -10.00 DS with low cylinder correction for order with your lab.

iSee is a superior and more aggressive Ortho-K lens design to the Paragon CRT lenses. I have corrected -2.50 to -3.00 simple myopes in about 1-3 days' time with great and lasting results. Having a topographer available is always recommended for fits but not always necessary. iSee lenses are made from a fluorosilicone acrylate polymer with an H2O content of less than <1 % which makes it very breathable for overnight wear.

Your purchase comes with an easy step-by-step Powerpoint guide and Wratten filter. Very easy to follow and fit your patients, and if you need a lens revision, your lab should carry these lenses or I can put you in touch with mine who is amazing with consultations.

Works great for pediatrics, myopia control, poor refractive surgical candidates, your intolerant soft CL patients, etc. Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Shipping Details: Included