Carl Zeiss Humphrey Matrix 800 Visual Field Analyzer

Carl Zeiss Humphrey Matrix 800 Visual Field Analyzer.

-Newest model from Zeiss

-Excellent condition

-Includes unit, keyboard, patient button, chin rest, support trays, printed user manual, power cable ..

Humphrey Matrix® 800 for early visual field loss detection and proven to find early visual field loss. It connects to office networks, EHRs and FORUM®. Frequency Doubling technology. Fast and easy to use no darkened room required. Fits in any practice compact and portable.

Item will be shipped in two separate boxes: Box #1 (28" x 24" x 18") contains the unit, keyboard, patient button, power cable Box #2 (28" x 24" x 15") contains the chin rest and manuals book and instruction CDs.

Shipping Details: FedEx/UPS