Optical Office Furniture by Eye Design

FOR SALE: High-quality Optical Office furniture hand-crafted by "Eye Designs." New was $80,000, asking $10,000 or best offer….includes the following:

Dispensing Desk: 30 in. countertop height; 18 in. depth; 96 in. width; 41 1/2 in. total height (one shelf underneath; pull-out keyboard drawer; two lap drawers; minor scuff marks on bottom of legs on desk)

Front Desk Greeter: 30 in. high; 18 in. deep; 29 in. to center from both sides (pull-out keyboard drawer; printer station; upright modem spot)

Middle Island: 105 in. total width; 95 in. total depth; 30 in. counter height; 41 in. total height (two island halves; and each half includes: two lap drawers; four chair stations; desktop computer terminal; pull-out keyboard drawer; one storage cabinet)

Lighted Armoires: 90 in. tall; 41 in. width; 25 in. deep (two glass shelves; two shelf cabinet on the bottom; three LED lights at the top)

Shipping Details: Negotiable