ZEISS Humphrey Matrix 800 Visual Field Analyzer

The ZEISS Humphrey Matrix 800 refurbished by Vision Equipment Inc. is Proven to find early visual field loss. Quickly and Easily. This is a like new 2016 model with very little usage.

Manufacturer Description:

Operating a visual instrument doesn’t get much easier than Humphrey Matrix®. It provides the ideal solution for busy practices for case detection and fast threshold testing. In addition to simplifying visual field test in, numerous studies show that frequency doubling perimetry can detect visual field loss missed by others methods.

Validated clinical performance

Proven diagnostic performance in detecting early visual field loss
15% faster threshold testing on average and up to 70% faster for more advanced cases
Video eye monitoring and comfortable chin rest simplify patient alignment and fixation monitoring
Patient-friendly stimulus eliminates the need for trial lens correction in most patients

Designed for your practice

Humphrey ® Field Analyzer (HFA) style reports are simple to interpret
Light-weight, compact and portable
Simple operation
Ability to test in normal ambient light, no darkened room required
Connectivity to office networks, EMRs and Forum® Eye Care Data Management System

Refurbished, Warranted and Supported by Factory Trained Technicians.


Shipping Details: Ground Freight