Smart Vision Labs SV One original model Auto Refractor

I have an original model SVL SV One auto-refractor. I purchased this about 5 years ago to take out to my nursing homes for refractions. I was doing about 24 refractions a day with this. Works well. All power cords included. Traveling case as well. Holds charge for multiple days before needing to be charged again.

I called Smart Vision Labs. Their newest model goes $9950 with a one year warranty included.

I was informed that in the last few years, many doctors have sold their older models to colleagues, and SVL helps make the transition work, getting the new doctor all their own necessary log in information, new warranty ($749/yr), and makes the transition to new ownership as easy as possible. Last software update was Jun 2018, when SVL had reached out to me indicating a new update was needed.

Overall, I thought this was a great tool that I was able to have my staff use on patients while I did the rest of the exam. Often wrote the Rx straight from this with good results. Happy to answer any other questions.

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