Lot of mostly Pediatric equipment + JCC flippers

All of these items are in new or almost new condition. If used only briefly during school. Willing to sell individually for larger items but would prefer to sell the whole lot. Shipping priced for whole lot. Pickup also OK.

Please contact me with questions or about individual items.

1 folding lea chart
1 lea chart with cord
set of 3 blinking magnetic near fixation targets
1 pair of pediatric occluder glasses
1 set of pediatric trial frames PD from 50-58 in steps of 2
square lea rattle
stack of lea individual cards (some crowding bars some not)
1 infant trial frame with head strap and case
1 adult occluder glasses
1 reflex hammer
set of handheld JCC flipper with case

Shipping Details: USPS flat rate large box