Reichert ClearChart 2 Digital Acuity System

Excellent condition with wall hanger and remote control.
3.25 X 16.91 X 19.88 Inch
19 Inch LED backlight LCD display
220 cd/m2 Max illumination
85 cd/m2 Photopic illumination
3 cd/m2 Mesopic illumination
10 lbs. Weight
100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 70 to 95 VA Power requirements
T3.15AL250 Fuses
6 to 31 foot Refraction range
Configure for direct or mirror viewing
Large range of optotypes: 17 Letter set, 8 letter set, sloan, HOTV, landolt C, landolt C and O, tumbling E
Children's optotypes: Three different sets including allen symbols, kolt-like symbols and other images
Random sequencing of optotypes
Special test charts for astigmatism testing, suppression and fixation
Contrast sensitivity testing with sine-wave grating or contrast optotypes
Complies with ETDRS protocol
Adjustable red/green for compatibility with any refraction system
Cartoon loop with sound for pediatric fixation

Item Id 969777
MF ID 13760
Brand ClearChart® 2
Manufacturer Reichert Technologies

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