Brand New Volk 30D Small Ring

Ideal for Small Pupil and Pediatric Examinations

Get a clearer picture of your patient's eye health with the 30D BIO Lens! This lens provides a wide field of view for both static and dynamic examinations. The ease with which it works through small pupils makes it great for patients who can't or won't be dilated, so it’s a popular choice in pediatrics. As a result of the lens' small profile, exams are quicker and patients are more comfortable and cooperative. It flawlessly detects peripheral retinal defects such as tears and detachments as well as neovascularization. For those who prefer a smaller ring size for easier manipulation around the orbit, it's also available in a reduced size.

58° / 75° (large) / 44° / 57° (small) field of view
2.15x (large) / 2.09x (small) image magnification
0.47x (large) / 0.48x (small) laser spot magnification
30 mm (large) / 31 mm (small) working distance
Optical design delivers high resolution views through a small pupil
Dynamic BIO exam offers a field of view slightly wider than the mid-peripheral retina

This is the "small" ring version of the 30D lens.

Shipping Details: Shipping to contiguous 48 states