Konan Medical Evoke Dx

Performs icVEP/ VEP / ERG testing.

From Konan Medical and their website:

"EvokeDx® is the next generation icVEP + VEP + ERG device developed by Konan Medical and leading scientists in visual electrophysiology. It’s compact, all-in-one form factor features numerous market-leading technologies including: intuitive touch-screen user interface, Organic LED stimulus display, infrared gaze and attention monitoring, dual-channel amplifier, and powerful Fourier (Frequency domain) analytics with intuitive reporting. EvokeDx is a fresh approach to visual electrophysiology. Designed for a broad range of applications ranging from glaucoma to mild traumatic brain injury, EvokeDx uses conventional as well as novel, proprietary stimuli to illicit responses from discrete sub-divisions of neural visual pathways."

Includes all neccassery testing materials for running VEP and ERG testing. Table stand also included. Must pick up.

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