Fundus Camera: Canon non-mydriatic

Canon CR-DGi with attached Canon EOS 30D camera. I used to use imacam imaging software to store the photos but now I just transfer them from the camera USB straight to my pre-test computer, where I upload it to their chart. It's way faster and easier and more accessible. Everything works fine. I've used it daily on every patient for the last 4 years. I only had one issue once when I believe the EOS camera died in 2018, so I bought a replacement camera body on the internet for maybe $150 and it's worked great since then. I just bought an optos, so I'm selling this one. But medical reimbursement is the same! So if you're a new practice trying to make money, at an average of $50 per photo ($40 from patients or $60 from insurance), it will pay for itself after 40 photos. You can do that in less than a week, and then this is just a profit machine.

Shipping Details: FedEx or UPS