Convert existing Slit Lamp to Digital Slit Lamp Camera

Document anterior segment health, specialty contact lens fitting such as scleral, Keratoconus and orthokeratology with a click!

  1. Vertical Mount Beam Splitter ACCU Beam II SN: 12A211 which fits Marco G2 Ultra Slit lamp (compatibility of other slit lamp need to be verified)
  2. Cameral Adapter: charges the camera and export photo to PC
  3. Canon Rebel EOS SL1 Digital camera with long lens

You may either download the photos onto memory disc and transfer manually or you may download photos to your windows 10 PC with EyeScape Advanced Imaging Software.

Software can be purchased separately from

I paid over $4000 for the entire system minus the software. Willing to part as I consolidate two offices. (Slit Lamp not included). Price or OBO.

Shipping Details: UPS