Great Condition Digital Touchscreen AccuPach V Pachymeter

Great-condition touchscreen digital Accutome AccuPach V ultrasonic pachymeter for sale. It has done wonders for my practice for glaucoma/ocular HTN work ups, pre-refractive surgical work ups, etc. Unlike other pachymeters on the market, this one has an Audio feature that will inform you of your patient's pachymetry with each measurement. You can see the speaker at the bottom of the unit next to the serial number label. Really convenient for recording.

As with all ultrasonic pachymeters, the probe is the most valuable part of the unit as the plastic crystal is not replaceable. Any scratches that develop can potentially injure the patient you are taking the measurement on. Mine is in EXCELLENT condition as it is always disinfected and kept in the protective sleeve when not in use.

The only small issue with my unit is cosmetic. The flimsy plastic clip for the probe has broken off for quite some time now. I have installed a more robust rubber probe clip (in black) in place of it. Mechanically, the pachymeter itself is solid as a rock.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for your interest!

Shipping Details: Included in 48 lower states